The Practice Staff

All our practice staff are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctors.

GP Extended Healthcare Teams

Our GP practice team now includes a range of healthcare professionals who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the areas they specialise in and are able to diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions.

Introduction to additional roles in primary care – YouTube

If it is most appropriate for you to see a doctor, you will be offered an appointment with a GP. However, the GP isn’t always the best person for you to see.

Local GP, Dr Mandiratta, explains more about extended healthcare teams in GP practices.

Have you got an appointment with our extended healthcare team? – YouTube

Please see the list below of different roles that make up our general practice team:

  • GPs
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs)
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Practice Nurses
  • Healthcare Assistants (HCAs)
  • Diabetic Specialised Nurse

For further information about GP extended healthcare teams, please click here.


  • Mr. Greg Bloom (male)
    MSc Education, PGCE, BSc Nursing Studies, DipHe Nursing Studies.
  • Dr. Dinesh Gunputh (male)
    BSc (Hons) MSc MBBS MRCGP. Qual. 2008 British West Indies.
  • Dr. Bhavna Sood (female)
    MBBS MRCGP DRCOG BMedSci. Qual. Nottingham, England 2008.
  • Dr. Ryan Hobson (male)
    MBBS BSc Genetics Diploma Surgical Science MRCGP. Qual. London, England 2007.
  • Dr. Candice Stedall (female)
    MBBS BSc Genetics Diploma Surgical Science MRCGP. Qual. London, England 2004.
  • Dr. Martin Stevens (male)
    MB ChB MRCGP. Qual. Birmingham, England 2001.
  • Dr. Matthew Dugas (male)
    BSc (hons) MBChB DRCOG.
  • Dr. Kevin Conod (male)
  • Dr. Sarah Garsed (female)
  • Dr. Amrit Khera (female)
    MBChC MSC in Primary Care & Research Methods MRCGP.
  • Dr. Raj Rani (female)


How can a GP help you?

+ Assessing, diagnosing & monitoring complex conditions
+ Performing thorough examinations
+ Prescribing medicines

+ Carrying out tests to assist with diagnosis
+ Carrying out emergency care if needed
+ Supporting other members of the primary care team

  • Dr A Khera (Female)
    MBChB, MSc in Primary Care & Research Methods, MRCGP, PGCert Ed for Health Professionals
  • Dr R Rani (Female)
  • Dr P Khera (Female)
    MRCGP, DRCOG, DClinDerm
  • Dr R Khera (Female)
    MBBS, BMedSci

  • Dr A Sahajpal (Male)

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

How can an Advanced Nurse Practitioner help you?

+ Diagnosing & treating illnesses & ailments
+ Requesting and interpreting Blood tests, Xrays and ECGs
+ Arranging admission or referral to hospital if necessary

+ Make plans for managing long term health conditions
+ Give advice and information about your health
+ Prescribing medicines

  • Tracey Freeman

Practice Pharmacists

How can a Pharmacist help you?

+ Providing information & advice about the safe & effective use of medications
+ Monitoring progress with medications & making medication change suggestions if needed

+ Recognising untreated health conditions that could be managed with medication
+ Recognising untreated health conditions that could be managed with medication

  • Waqas Janjua
  • Hussain Razzaq

Nursing Staff

Practice Nurse

How can a Practice Nurse help you?

+ Treating wounds, applying/removing dressings & providing emergency first aid
+ Giving advice & information about health conditions & ailments

+ Taking swabs, smears & samples
+ Carrying out heart tracings or breathing tests
+ Administering vaccinations & infant injections

  • Anthea Forsythe

Healthcare Assistant

How can a Healthcare Assistant help you?

+ Measuring blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels & other observations
+ Carrying out heart tracings or breathing tests

+ Offering advice on managing healthy living & weight loss
+ Supporting the nurses & GPs in their work
+ Taking blood samples

  • Adam Wilkins
  • Rachel Jones

Diabetic Specialised Nurse

How can a Diabetic Specialised Nurse help you?

Clinics are held at the surgery on a monthly basis for diabetic advice and check-up. On Monday and Thursday appointments can be made through the receptionists.

Non-Clinical Staff

Group Practice Manager

  • Mr Greg Bloom

Locality Manager

  • Mrs Kerry Blakemore


How can a Receptionist help you?

Receptionists are trained to assess your needs so that they can direct you to the right healthcare professional.
To do this they will;
+ Take some general details about why you have contacted the surgery
+ Help navigate you through health care services & systems

The GP is not always the best person to help you.
Receptionists are not ‘being nosey’, they are trying to make sure you receive the right care as quickly as possible.

Our receptionists will take your name on arrival, answer your phone calls, make appointments and handle any enquiries as well as a long list of other clerical duties. They are here to help you but their job is extremely demanding, so please help them by understanding the problems they face when trying to please everyone. They aim to be pleasant and courteous at all times.

They may occasionally need to ask for some medical details if your enquiry can be dealt with by speaking to a doctor on the telephone, but they will always treat what you say with the utmost confidentiality.

  • Laura
  • Mel
  • Gurvinder
  • Amanda
  • Neeta
  • Laura


  • Jasvir
  • Saffa

Health Care Team

Community Midwives

How can a Midwife help you?

The regular antenatal clinics are held by the Community Midwives on Tuesday mornings. All consultations are by appointment only.

📞 01922 721172 and ask for the midwifery team at the switchboard

Health Visitors

How can a Health Visitor help you?

+ Offering support during the transition into parenthood
+ Providing support & advice on breast feeding, infant feeding & healthy eating for young children

+ Assessing children’s growth & development needs at various stages
+ Promoting the best start in speech, language & communication

🌍 For full details of health visiting clinics run across the borough, please click here
📞 01922 603 074

Community/District Nurses

How can a Community Nurse help you?

Our District Nurses work closely with the Doctor in providing nursing care and treatment at home. They are also able to give advice regarding care and convalescence after discharge from hospital.

📞 01922 605752